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Professional air conditioning in Peterborough

Do you need air conditioning at your home or workplace? Contact Temperature Solutions (UK) Ltd today! Based in Peterborough, our services are available across England, Scotland and Wales.

Ducted system of air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is probably the quietest and most versatile of all systems. Often it's the most practical choice for larger areas requiring air distribution, climate control and ideal for offices with false ceilings. The discreet grilles or valves can be located almost anywhere allowing them to blend in with the interior decor. These grilles facilitate uniform temperature distribution and air flow to larger areas. This system is also ideal for domestic environments too. Combined heating and cooling systems attract a 5% VAT discount for residential installations. In addition to air conditioning, we also offer refrigeration services.
Wall mounted air conditioning

Wall mounted air conditioning

These units are the most popular air conditioner due to cost savings and size. Wall mounted units are often used in restaurants, server rooms, conservatories and anywhere that air conditioning is required.

Wall mounted units are available in a variety of cooling and heating power outputs from 2.5KW- 12KW.
Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Cassette and VRV 

These units can be installed in a room with a false or suspended ceiling and are very quiet with 360° air distribution. Their compact design blends in with any room interior where appearance is important.

VRV also known as VRF are larger applications rather than the 4/5 and split systems on outdoor units, which have the ability to simultaneously heat and cool up to 50 units.
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